#Unpacked EP 2: HubSpot Lists

George: So, we're live. We're on Sprocket Talk Unpacked, and I'm super excited to see what goes wrong with today's set up. Because, I'm trying something totally new, mic, camera, lights, all that fun stuff. So, something could go horribly wrong. But, you know what doesn't go horribly wrong, Remington, is, Lists, and HubSpot. Why don't you kick us off.

Remington: Yeah, so, I'm stoked to talk about Lists. Lists are probably one of my favorite things in HubSpot, like in general. And, that's a, like, pretty loaded statement. But, Lists are literally like the forefront of context that you can set of knowing who you have in your database. Like, there's just so much power, that, a lot of times, I think people just see the word, Lists, and just think that it's like; Oh, it's the same thing as, like, a CSV upload, when it's so much more.

George: Yeah, without a doubt. You know, when we get into this conversation around Lists, the first thing that I want to talk about, because there's some confusion, I think, in Hub Landia. And, that is, and, even at an agency level, I've seen, in different groups, I'm not going to mention which groups, people talking about this. The difference between a List, and two types of Lists, and actually filters. Right?

Remington: Yep.

George: So, when we're talking about a List of people, we're not really talking about just a general grouping of people, because that could be a filter. You could literally go into the tool. You could set some, you know, some... the word is escaping right now... some rules.

Remington: Criteria?

George: There we go, some criteria, some rules, and get a bulk amount of people quickly to do some quick adjustments. But, there's also, Lists, and that's what we're talking about today. And, that's Active Lists, and that's also Static Lists, although I think... didn't they change, like, the name of one of those Lists? Because, HubSpot loves...

Remington: Yeah.

George: ... HubSpot loves to change names. I just know this is a fact.

Remington: It used to be... yeah. It used to be Smart Lists and Static Lists.

George: Yeah.

Remington: And now, it's Active Lists, and Static Lists.

George: Yeah. And, I don't understand the name change, because, to me, Smart made sense, because you were setting these rules or these criteria, and it would smartly, not really probably a word. But, it would update itself. Right? And so, I love that. I've made it a word. So, we're not talking about filters, although we could probably do a whole episode on things that false

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