#Unpacked EP6: HubSpot Workflows

George: Yeah, now that I put the sticker on there. Anyway, so hey anybody who is watching or listening to this now, or in the future, make sure that you leave a comment, leave a question, and also leave an emoji. Remington, you didn't know I was going to do this, this week, but what emoji should they leave in the comment section this week?

Remington: The lightening emoji, if something's a good idea.

George: Oh, lightning, I love that and-

Remington: Or I think like the shortcuts electric, you won't find it if it's lightning, but yeah lightning, electric, or let's do a mushroom emoji if you're unsure about things.

George: Oh, yeah mushroom, those are powerful I'm just going to throw that out there. So this week, it's funny that you bring up mushrooms because we're talking about workflows, which by the way don't have anything to do with each other, I just figured I would roll into it that way. We're talking about HubSpot, we're talking about workflows, and out of all of the tools, I feel like this and reporting might be the episodes that we get the most questions from people who are viewing this now or in the future. So HubSpot workflows, one thing I will say, there's a bazillion different ways that we could go with this episode. So I'm just going to kind of let you lead it off, I'm going to follow your lead, and I'm going to see if we can't kind of align this into some type of journey versus a tennis match.

George: It may end up, it can completely end up as a tennis match, but we'll see. So, where would you like to start when it comes to the world of HubSpot workflows?

Remington: Yeah, just slight disclaimer for the audience, and I would love their opinion on this, this is a 100% unscripted show.

George: Yeah.

Remington: What I mean by that is, George and I haven't mentioned anything other than, "Dude, you ready for workflows?" Like that's pretty much all we got, so if you have some change in structure or you want more structure, or you just enjoy this, let's roll with it. But let us know with a lightning or a mushroom, and this is for you, so make it so that it's for you, valuable for you, and if it isn't, you've got to let us know.

George: Yeah, yeah.

Remington: So I am going to kick off with a mind-blown emoji.

George: Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Remington: I just noticed that there is a quote based workflows that were just added to the tool, and that's pretty peculiar, what sucks is we don't have access to it quote right now, might have to change that here shortly. But, quote based allows false

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