#Unpacked EP7: Deal Automation & Workflows

George: On Tuesday, we were talking about work flows. We talked about how we had just scratched the surface. You jokingly kind of said, well, you know we could go into deal automation and probably have a whole another episode. That's what we are doing today. We are going again and talking about deal automation. Remington, do you happen to have comments up so that you can view and kind of pay attention to those?

Remington: I don't, but I can pull them up.

George: So if people do leave a question or a comment in the comment section that we can get to that and answer that. You know, we love to play the emoji game. This week, if you like well, this episode. If you like what we're throwing down. Make sure you use the drop the mic or the mic emoji, so that we know that you love what we're doing. If you are not using deal automation or wish you had access to deal automation, then simply use the sad face and we will know what you're saying. Leave your comments and questions as we go.

George: Remington, as we dive into this Sprocket Talk unpacked episode fine sir. When you think of deals and automation, what do you think of? I'm super curious. Let's go ahead and get into this.

Remington: Yeah. I'm going to answer Brandon's question, because we do have a comment already.

George: Nice.

Remington: Brandon, we will have this available outside of Facebook if you can message the page with your email address. We'll send you a direct link.

George: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Remington: Oh yeah. All right. Deal automation. I feel like I got to get it false

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