Two Changes to Scoring, including Multiple Score Propert


Two Changes to Scoring, including Multiple Score Properties

Scoring helps you qualify contacts and prioritize them for outreach. With contact scoring, you assign points to your contacts based on certain qualifying criteria, like demographics (e.g. location) and behaviors (e.g. web activity). The higher the score, the more qualified the contact.

Scoring in your HubSpot account is getting two major upgrades:

Your HubSpot score is a contact contact property, but it lives separately from all the rest of your contact properties, in its own walled garden. With today's change, your score lives with the rest of your properties. Now, "score" is a property type, just like “dropdown,” “checkbox,” or any other.

As a result of that change, if you're an Enterprise customer in any HubSpot hub, you’ll be able to create up to 25 scoring properties for contacts. As an added bonus, if you're a Professional customer in any HubSpot hub, you'll be able to create one score property (previously, only Marketing Hub Professional accounts had this capability).

Now to lead scoring, or want a refresher? Here's how it works:

Navigate to Settings > Properties, and create a new contact property. Name your property and choose a group, then choose “score” as the property type:

Add your positive and negative attributes --- just like you did in the old setup false

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