More Accurate HubSpot Chatbot Reporting with Improved Session Timeouts

  1. The default open time for a conversation has changed from"indefinite" to 24 hours
  2. As a result, all abandoned bot sessions older than 24 hours will be automatically classified as “abandoned”
  3. The options for “indefinite”conversation lifetime has been removed

You need to be able to report on the effectiveness of your bots. In order to do that, you need clear visibility into how many bot sessions have reached the end of their chatflow and successfully closed versus how many bot sessions were “abandoned” because one of your site visitors left the bot session in the middle of a conversation. Your bots have always had a default “indefinite”session timeout setting. As a result, many of your bot sessions were never marked as “abandoned” within your Conversations reporting, leaving you with less than helpful data that was difficult to act on. With today’s update, you’ll get more accurate reporting on the amount of bot sessions that are successfully closed versus abandoned mid-session.

Here’s another way your site visitors will benefit from today’s update. In the past, visitors who returned to your website would always see their past, unfinished chat history in the chatbot widget. After being away from the conversation for who knows how long, false

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