Prioritize HubSpot Chatflows on Your Website


Now live is the ability for you to prioritize the order in which your chatflows display on website.

Imagine your company is hosting a massive event and, as a marketer, you want to drive promotion for that event to increase signups via live chat or chatbots. You build a new chatflow specifically to promote this event -- but there are already other standard chatflows live on your website. Now what?

With today’s update, it’s easy to prioritize chatflows over other existing chatflows on your website pages. That means it’s as simple as a click and drag motion for you to prioritize promoting your event (or anything else) with a chatflow on our website over whatever standard chatflow your website page typically shows. When the event is over, turn off the chatflow and priority will switch back to your standard chatflow, simple as that.

Before today’s update, there wasn’t an easy way to do this. If you were super savvy you might have learned that you could go through all your chatflows, try to understand which ones overlap and then turn off all the conflicting chatflows so this one could run. But who has time for that? Not you, that’s who.

Now, it’s as simple as a quick drag and drop in the order you want to see your chatflows fire on your website.

Here’s how it works. You will now see a priority column on your chatflows page. Change the prioritization of your chatflows by clicking and dragging the panel under the “Priority” false

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